About us

Tigerleash is one of the UK’s premier fashion agency and distributor. Their love of music and fashion puts them in prime position to sell the story of their exciting, vibrant and sexy business.

The ambition of Tigerleash is to bring to the fashion market a 'menu' service of all the facilities required to successfully launch a new brand.



The main objective or the feature of Tigerleash is to create a menu service that includes all the necessary facilities which are required to launch a new brand of clothing.

It provides a platform for the established or old brand to re-launch a new product or service into the industry.
It facilitates a business to grow further with an existing account base.



Working with a wide customer account base, Tigerleash have a network of contacts ranging from solo independent stores through to department stores, fashion multiples, Mail Order and internet businesses and even national discount chains. These customers are serviced by a network of sales agencies that extend not only throughout the UK, but into most European countries. This network gives a brand the scope to sell to European customers directly via sales agents or alternatively to these customers via a central distributor who will be responsible for the management of that territory.

We currently work with Amazon, J D Williams, ASOS, Fenwick, Co-Op, Shop Direct , Slaters & numerous specialist independent High Street Stores throughout United Kingdom.


J D Williams




Shop Direct